Is Winning the B Session a Thing?

Is “winning the B session” a thing?

Have you ever heard someone say they won the B session at a competition?

What did you think, or if you’ve never heard it, what do you think about it?  Is winning the B session a thing? In the most recent episode of the OLIFT podcast, we banter about the AO series, lifters classifying themselves as “National-Level” and terminology used to describe performance specifically when they lead after a B session.

I gave this example: One day on my feed I noticed a friend’s Facebook update saying “I won my session at the American Open today.” This person competed in a C session. A seemingly innocent post earned a litany of praise and congratulatory responses. It felt off. Like something was missing or misstated.

Did this person really win anything? It sounds cool. We say it all the time but is this accurate? Sorry if this offends all the B session champions out there. In the big picture, I tend to stick with the following formula: no medal = no win.

In context, winning the B is a thing only to say the person did out lift everyone else in their group. The point here is that it’s a descriptor, not an accolade. Use caution when glorifying it on Social Media. Ok, off my soapbox.

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